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Smile improves communication, increases self-esteem and helps people adapt more easily in different situations, feel better and have success both in the professional and personal life.


The continuous training and assimilation of the latest technological novelties in the current practice are compulsory for us, as we consider that our patients deserve to receive the best treatments.


Dental Implant


The dental implant replaces the root of a tooth. It offers the support for making an individual dental crown, a bridge or a prosthetic. In Rio-Dent Dental Practice we have a 6 years experience in inserting the dental implants and making prosthetic works on them.


Dental esthetics


A perfect smile may be the ingredient that can assure the success in your career or personal life. Rio-Dent Dental Practice offers solutions of dental aesthetics for obtaining the smile you have always wanted. We offer customized solutions: tooth whitening, porcelain veneers, all-porcelain dental crowns.


Dental aesthetics  


The dental prosthetic analyzes the condition of the dental arches and the muscular and articular equilibrium, most of the times severely altered by losing one or more teeth (edentation) or even the excessive dental wear (attrition), and finds the most suitable treatment solutions for remaking the integrity of the arches in a functional and aesthetic way, perfectly harmonized with the other structures of the mouth, appealing to “false teeth” created outside the mouth by dental technicians.


Trustfully appeal to the doctors from Rio-Dent Dental Practice and you will obtain the smile you have always wanted.