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Dental tourism

According to a research study globally made by revahealth.com, the average degree of satisfaction of the persons who chose the programs of dental tourism reached 84%, the patients having saved, averagely, euro 4.800, which means 60% from the cost of a dental treatment requested in the origin country.

Over 95% from the respondents chose these programs due to the low costs, the decisional factor in choosing the clinic being given by the quality of the professional standards, the latest technologies used and the possibility of solving the dental problems in a shorter time. One of the most important factors […] in this regard is showing a great importance to the safety of patients, by using the sterilizers within the clinics according to the standards of quality management.

·                      […] For instance in Romania there are twice or three times lower prices than the west-European region, the treatments being at the same quality standards as those from the clinics in the United States or Western Europe. Also the period that the patient has to take for such interventions is much shorter. Thus, we estimate that the expatriated patients will represent 25% from the total of the number of the number of persons who will request the services of the clinic this year.»

Wall Street Newspaper (online edition, www.wall-street.ro)


Our basic offer is made of reservations at one of the partner hotels, during the treatment, picking up from the airport – to the hotel, and travel included to the clinic, recommendations for visiting different sightseeing from Constanta and adjacent places. In fact, Constanta City is a cultural center with an outstanding history which deserves to be entirely discovered.

At request we will put at your disposal a list of offers for the hotels and boarding houses we collaborate with, though, in case that you don’t agree our offers you can choose any other hotel from the city.

 Our partners share the same standards of high quality of the services offered as our clinic. Though you should keep in mind that whatever your requests and wishes are, Rio-Dent can only assure them in case of a prior formal request.

 Therefore take advantage of a peaceful holiday, at convenient prices, in order to regain the healthy smile and live your life in the same time!

  Rio-Dent Team, together with the partners form the tourism, can offer you the following package of services of dental tourism:


·           Explanation of the remote dental X-ray examination

·           Establishing a responsible and objective treatment plan, on short, medium and long term

·           Establishing a cost estimate for the dental treatment and dental works

·         Establishing the touristic routes (seaside, mountain, cities, sightseeing, religious sites) based on the sessions at the dentist and the costs per sightseeing

·           Establishing the menus and entertainment, including the budget related to accommodation

·           Offering the modalities of accommodation so that your choice to be fair according to our information

·           Establishing a total cost estimate

 For evaluation please contact us using the following form.